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Effective communication is the key to a successful and profitable practice. But sometimes it's hard to know how and when to reach out to patients. How much communication is too much? When's the best time to solicit patient reviews? Which method of contact gets the most results?

eCentral’s Communication Manager can help. It gives you powerful tools to let your communications work for your practice, not against it. Take a look at some of the latest features:

Patient Reviews

When patients complete an online post-appointment survey, they're asked to give your practice a star rating and review. eCentral then posts positive reviews automatically to your website, and provides a button that makes it simple for patients to post the review to your social media sites. That means the review gets seen by more people and you reap the benefits of positive word of mouth.

Family Reminders

With today's information overload, your patients will appreciate the streamlined reminder feature for same-day family appointments. Now they'll get just one reminder for the entire family appointment block, instead of one for each person individually. Send reminders via email, text message or printed postcard and make confirmation as simple as a single reply.

Smart Messaging

Our new Smart Messaging feature helps you stay in touch with all of your patients without over-communicating. Sent by email, text message or printed postcard and based on available patient contact data, smart messages are personal and memorable. Welcome new patients. Send a thank you for scheduling an appointment. Say happy birthday or congratulations. Build patient relationships while subtly keeping your practice top of mind.

These features are available now. To learn more about the latest features of eCentral Communication Manager, visit today.

Author: Bruce Herbert, eServices Product Marketing Manager
Published: 08/31/2015
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