eCentral Smart Messaging Beta

Henry Schein Practice Solutions (HSPS) is pleased to announce the beta release of eCentral Smart Messaging!

With Smart Messaging, you can market to patients more effectively by sending automated appointment reminders and recall reminders in real time and based on the patient’s available contact data -- email, text or postcard. This new functionality reduces the likelihood of missed appointments and over-communication to patients.

If you agree to be a beta tester for eCentral Smart Messaging, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your office will get an early look at the new functionality in Smart Messaging
  • Your suggestions and feedback will help prove the product is ready and even offer additional improvements to the software as it is used in your practice
  • You will be able to use a fully licensed version of eCentral at no cost during the beta testing period which is scheduled to be complete at the end of October

The beta program for eCentral Smart Messaging is just underway. If you would like to be a beta tester for this product, please contact Aimee Barborka at for more information.

Author: Dan Larsen, eServices Product Manager
Published: 08/31/2015
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