New Updates in Dentrix G4 Hot Fix 6

Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 8 now has another update available for download—hotfix 6.

In addition to addressing some common usability issues, this hotfix includes a few new items. These include two new insurance forms for California, a new claim format for Idaho, prescription forms for California and Kentucky and a revised form to support printing Georgia prescription forms.

The hotfix also includes some updates to the Questionnaire module. Most deal with the proper display of data, including formatting issues inside forms. Others correct data recording problems and remove improper error alerts. Most importantly, this hotfix corrects a bug that caused signatures to be removed when patient forms were moved from one location in the file system to another.

We’ve corrected an issue in the Office Manager that sometimes caused the Provider Aging Report to include only one patient. All patients that should appear on this report will now appear. The rest of the fixes in this module deal mainly with report accuracy and data consistency in the Daily Huddle report.

Download the hotfix right from your Dentrix software using the Check for Updates feature. Remember to install the hotfix on each computer in the office.

To learn more about hotfix 6 for Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 8, download our Install Guide.

Author: Jay Wood
Published: 12/20/2011
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