Dentrix Mobile to Do More on Popular Tablets

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Since Dentrix Mobile's initial release, the display that appeared on a tablet was the same as that on iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre and Android devices. While this served its purpose, it did not take advantage of the larger viewable area offered by popular tablets. An upcoming release changes that by giving iPad and Xoom tablet users the ability to manage multiple accounts, view and navigate through optimized screens and add information to certain fields in Dentrix.

The ability to manage multiple accounts and add or remove users as necessary is frequently requested by Mobile users. Having multiple accounts will eliminate the need for the entire staff to learn new login credentials when an employee leaves. Along with the convenience of multiple accounts, this release will allow administrators to see which team members have logged in to Mobile and when.

In addition to added security features, Mobile users with iPad and Xoom tablets will be able to view patient demographics, appointments, prescription history and medical alerts in an optimized format. The new format is designed to be navigated by touch and gestures so tablet users will have an experience consistent with other apps.

Part of the optimized display is a new appointment schedule, which is colored to match the Dentrix Appointment Book. Mobile users will be able alter the display for viewing by operatory or provider. This provides the convenience and flexibility to view everything from the entire appointment schedule to a single operatory or provider.

Many Mobile users have also requested the ability to update information in Dentrix. This release will be the first of many that will incorporate post-back functionality.

Mobile users will be able to add notes to the Dentrix Appointment Book remotely. Instead of taking mental notes or writing paper notes for later entry into Dentrix, users will add a note from an iPad or Xoom tablet while they’re out of the office. They’ll be able to add them to a specific appointment or to a particular day in the Appointment Book.

Mobile users with Dentrix eCentral will have even more functionality. They’ll be able to confirm patient appointments remotely and have the confirmation updated in Dentrix automatically. Additionally, they’ll be able to change a patient’s insurance status or initiate an eligibility verification update from an iPad or Xoom tablet.

With these new features, team members working outside the office will have better tools for serving patients, managing appointments and improving efficiency. And no additional setup is required. The software will detect a tablet device so users with an iPad or Xoom will see the new display and be able use the new features automatically.

This latest version is scheduled to release in the coming weeks. Additional information will be made available on the Dentrix Mobile webpage,

Dentrix Mobile is included with a customer service plan for customers on Dentrix G4 and higher. Call 1-800-DENTRIX for more information on Dentrix Customer Service Plans.

Author: Damon Graves
Published: 02/22/2012
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