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For the last few years, the best tool for managing appointments outside of the dental office has been eCentral Appointment Manager. With it, team members working remotely could view the Dentrix Appointment Book, confirm patient appointments, update insurance eligibility and perform other tasks to prepare for upcoming appointments from any computer with Internet access.

While Appointment Manager remains as convenient today as it was when released three years ago, a new tool will provide some of the same features in a more mobile fashion. Dentrix Mobile’s upcoming release will incorporate some eCentral functionality to give iPad and Xoom users "on-the-go" tools for managing appointments.

  • Appointment Confirmation - With the upcoming Dentrix Mobile enhancement, team members that manage patient confirmation outside of the office will be able to mark appointments as confirmed using an iPad or Xoom tablet. The confirmation will be updated automatically in the Dentrix Appointment Book, eliminating the need to change the status when in the office or use a stationary computer outside of the office.
  • Insurance Eligibility Updates - The upcoming release will also allow users to change the status of a patient’s insurance eligibility, which will be updated automatically in Dentrix. Even better, they’ll be able to initiate an eligibility verification update remotely. The results of the eligibility verification will be updated in Dentrix and easily accessed from the Appointment Book or Family File. This will enable the team to stay better prepared for the appointment and reduce the number of eligibility phone calls on the day of the appointment.

The need to interact with patients and perform certain tasks outside of the office continues to increase, and Dentrix Mobile and eCentral continue to evolve to meet that need. This latest release will be available in the coming weeks. Customers using Dentrix Mobile and eCentral will be able to use the new features without any additional setup or registration.

Watch for more information on this powerful combination at www.dentrix.com/mobile.

Published: 02/29/2012
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