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Henry Schein is pleased to announce the release of Dentrix G5—the latest version of our award-winning practice management software. This release improves user experience and enables new possibilities for productivity.

New Database Architecture

Dentrix G5’s centrally managed SQL database significantly improves the speed of data access and overall performance of the application, and improves product stability. The database also provides a data-masking technique using cryptographic technologies that helps to supplement, not replace, a practice’s employee policies, physical safeguards and data security. As with previous releases, we recommend using a dedicated server, but we have tested and will continue to support Dentrix running on a computer that is also configured to be a workstation

New Dentrix Developer Program

Another exciting aspect of this new release is the launch of our developer program, designed to facilitate and encourage the development of Dentrix-compatible software programs. One of the advantages of the program is the opportunity it creates for enterprising dentists who want to integrate custom code with Dentrix. As developers take advantage of these capabilities, Dentrix users will enjoy access to a growing collection of authorized, integrated applications that improve practice efficiency and productivity.

Rigorous Beta-Testing Process

Dentrix G5 has gone through a longer and more rigorous beta testing process than any previous versions. When we asked our beta testers what they thought of the software, we received reports of faster performance, ease of installation and overall satisfaction.

New Features

The new capabilities of Dentrix G5 include:

Targeted screen capture. Easily capture on-screen images with a movable frame that lets you focus on the information you need—then automatically save them to the Document Center.

Submission validation alerts. If you attempt to submit a claim through eClaims that is missing required attachments, you’ll receive an alert to remind you to attach the necessary information.

Sequentially numbered daysheets. This feature helps prevent fraud by allowing you to track daysheets and monitor exactly who has been accessing the daysheets and when.

We have already begun shipping Dentrix G5 to current customers who are on a Dentrix Customer Service Plan, and we expect to ship it to all of our customers on a current customer service plan through the coming months. If your office is not on a customer service plan, now is a great time to re-enroll by calling 1.800.DENTRIX. To learn more visit

Author: Jay Wood
Published: 03/22/2012
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