Tips from the Going Paperless Workshop

Need to learn to use Dentrix tools instead of paper in your practice? Our hands-on Going Paperless Workshop dedicates a full day to learning how to use paperless processes to streamline workflow, reduce waste and increase efficiency. Here is a sneak peek at some of the tips we’ll cover in the Document Center section of the workshop.

TIP: Combining Multiple Images into One Document
When you have several separate-but-related images for a given patient stored in Unfiled Documents, like several X-rays for example, you can combine them into one document for easier reference and then attach them to the patient file together. (Note: this can be done with images only.)

To combine images:

  1. In the Document Center, click the Unfiled Documents button.
  2. Select the documents you want to combine by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on them. Then click the Combine Documents button.

    Combine Documents Screen Shot

  3. The images will now be combined into one document in Unfiled Documents, and can be attached to the appropriate source as usual.

    Screen Shot after Combining Documents

TIP: Attaching Documents to Multiple Sources
Certain documents, such as insurance EOBs, insurance coverage documents and lab case invoices, may apply to more than one source. The Modify Attachments option allows you to attach a single document to multiple sources. Any document information you enter, such as document types, descriptions and notes, will be assigned to all sources. Once attached, the document will display in the Document Center for each individual source.

TIP: Signing Documents to Lock Down Changes
Once a document has been signed, the document information can no longer be edited. You can use this feature to provide an extra level of security for your documents, “locking down” changes so no further editing of the document is possible. You can apply signatures to a document for patients, providers and staff members. Although document information can’t be edited once it has been signed, you can still attach or remove sources from the document as long as you do not remove the signer. For example, if the doctor signed the form, you cannot remove the doctor from the sources.

Author: Patty Reay
Published: 03/22/2012
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