What is Dentrix Profitability Coaching?

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Our experienced Dentrix coaches offer profitability coaching, customized to your unique practice management needs. This coaching program includes important topics tailored to help your team members incorporate best practices into their daily routines to become more efficient.

As part of the program, you will receive coaching on how to identify and track key performance indicators and key reporting to streamline office operations, improve insurance claims and collections efficiencies, optimize schedules, improve continuing care, expand patient and referral management, increase production and case acceptance and implement paperless processes.

Why invest in profitability coaching?

Is your office one of the many being affected by employee turnover, decreases in production, low case acceptance or reduction in cash flow? If so, let our coaching team help you find ways to increase your profitability and efficiencies by using the powerful tools in your practice management system.

Direct contact with experts

When you sign up for the Dentrix Profitability Coaching program, we’ll put you in touch with a knowledgeable profitability coach who will work directly with your team to explore ways of using Dentrix to make your operations even more efficient.

Your profitability coach will review key practice goals, metrics and reports. You can invite any members of your team who might benefit from the various topics to attend the sessions. And of course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, personalize the discussions and talk through examples that relate to your own unique situation.

Profit-focused content

Henry Schein Practice Solutions has partnered with many of the dental industry’s top consulting firms, including the Pride Institute and Jameson Management Consulting, to develop this unique coaching program. That means you’ll explore proven, industry-tested techniques and practices that lead to increased performance, productivity and profits. In addition to tailoring the discussions to the specific needs of your practices, the curriculum includes the following sessions:

  • Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Increase Profitability

    Your profitability coach will work with you to identify the KPIs that can have the biggest impact on your profits. You’ll also learn how Dentrix reports can help you track and analyze these crucial numbers more effectively, and get suggestions for improving your KPI results.

  • Optimizing Your Schedule

    Empty chairs can kill profits. In this coaching session, you’ll learn how Dentrix can help you eliminate these costly scheduling gaps by reconciling appointments with production goals, coordinating treatment plans with insurance benefits and reducing the number of missed appointments.

  • Increasing Production and Case Acceptance

    Learn more about how treatment plans are tracked, presented, accepted and rejected to help you increase your overall patient case acceptance.

  • Maximizing Continuing Care

    Continuing care is critical for both your patients’ long-term dental health and your practice’s long-term financial wellbeing. You’ll explore how Dentrix can help you analyze your continuing care statistics and increase the number of active continuing care patients.

  • Improving Patient Management and Referrals

    Your bottom line is linked directly to patient loyalty, so this coaching call will focus on tracking patient referrals, increasing patient loyalty and managing patient information more effectively through the use of questionnaires, health histories, post-visit surveys and other tools.

  • Improving Collections and Insurance Management

    Managing collections and insurance payments is a major challenge for any dental practice. In this call, you’ll explore how specific Dentrix tools can help you reduce bad debt, identify problem accounts and streamline your insurance management, patient payment, production and collections processes.

  • Going Paperless

    This session focuses on reducing office costs and clutter by going paperless. Through the use of tools such as the document center, office journal, clinical notes, digital radiography, eCentral, Kiosk and patient questionnaires, you can achieve a paperless process for many aspects of a patient’s in-office experience.

Get started today with Dentrix Profitability Coaching

Dentrix Profitability Coaching can help your practice flourish by strengthening the connections between your Dentrix investment and your productivity and profits. Our experts know Dentrix better than anyone. They’ll show you how to put all the features of Dentrix to work for your practice, and help you identify the reports and performance metrics you should focus on for greater profitability. Take advantage of this opportunity today by calling 1-800-DENTRIX or visiting www.Dentrix.com/ProfitabilityCoaching for more information.

Author: Jason McKnight
Published: 04/26/2012
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