New Electronic Claims Connections

Dentrix now has an electronic claim connection with the following payors. If any of your patients are using these carriers, you can reduce paper claims and submit claims through Dentrix instead.

Payer ID Payer Name
WT069 Healthy Choices Plan Administrator
WT068 Healthy Choices Benefit Plans
EM039 Med3000 Pedicare Title 19
EM522 Med3000 Pedicare Title 21
EM205 Med300 CMS Title 21

The following payor now sends eEOBs, completing the paperless round trip for eClaims submitted on behalf of the individuals it covers.

CKMN1   New Mexico Medicaid

Learn more about eEOB at

View the Payor Search Tool for other specific payors or to download the complete payor list.

Author: Damon Graves
Published: 06/23/2012
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