Cloud-Based Phone Solutions

Modernizing your practice can be daunting and expensive, especially when it comes to communications systems. So how can you evolve your practice’s communications to improve your flexibility and your efficiency without breaking the bank?

Move your phone system to the cloud.

Henry Schein TechCentral’s introduction of a “cloud-based” phone solution for practices of all sizes, gives practices a cost-efficient alternative to expensive, on-site phone systems that are hard to maintain and quickly outdated.

For this new offering, TechCentral partnered with Broadview Networks, an Internet telephony leader with over 80,000 business phone running in its cloud network. This cloud-based approach to business telephony features the Broadview OfficeSuite® system, a complete solution that allows practices to ditch their expensive PBX equipment, upgrade to easy-to-use, state-of-the-art phones and get an unlimited calling plan—all on a professionally managed network at an affordable price.

Broadview Networks also recently joined the Dentrix Developer Program to develop new capabilities for integrated office phone systems and practice management.

Why should your phone communications evolve to the cloud?

Reduce & cost control
With OfficeSuite, you get a cloud-based phone system that runs on your existing network for a predictable monthly fee—with NO capital investment or maintenance contracts. There are no add, change or move fees normally charged by phone service providers.

Easy self-management
The practice manager can make changes to the system with just a few simple clicks through a simple and convenient web site. Each user can go online and customize their phone’s features, including: speed-dial lists, call forwarding and voicemail pick up.

Business continuity
Connect all your offices on a single phone system to streamline operations. Automatically send calls to other offices or other phones if you are short-staffed or experience disruption.

Instant mobility
Incoming calls can ring on both your office and any mobile phone simultaneously, giving you the freedom to do business no matter where you are.

Instant flexibility
Move to any phone on your network and your phone extension number, your customized phone setting move with you—even when you visit another office.

Join the TechCentral webinar on August 23rd to learn more about the benefits of using Broadview’s OfficeSuite. You can register here.

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Author: Jason Werner
Published: 07/25/2012
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