Tips from the Continuing Care Management Workshop

Get tips to help you analyze your continuing care data in greater depth, organize and streamline your continuing care process, and much more at the new Continuing Care Management Workshop. Below are examples of the kind of things you will learn in this hands-on class.

Tip: Copy and paste continuing care data into a spreadsheet for in-depth analysis.

Have you ever wished you could analyze your continuing care data in greater depth, but couldn’t run a Dentrix report that matched what you wanted to know? Dentrix allows you to copy and paste continuing care lists into Excel so you can sort and format the data however you need to.

  1. From the Continuing Care module, click View to select the patients that you want to include. If necessary, set the start date for the list.
  2. After the list loads, click Edit > Copy to Clipboard.
  3. Paste the list data into the spreadsheet.

Tip: Drag and drop from the Unscheduled List

Did you know you can drag and drop an appointment from the Unscheduled List onto the Pinboard in the Appointment Book or an open appointment slot? This is the fastest way to reschedule the appointment.

Break Appointment Button

Tips: Using the Practice Advisor Continuing Care Report more effectively

  • When you generate this report click the Include Cover Page of Options Selected option to print a cover page detailing the options used to generate the report. It’s a good idea to always include a cover page so that you know what options were selected when the report was generated.
  • Not all continuing care types are recurring, and those types shouldn’t be included when evaluating the continuing care effectiveness of the practice.
  • The report may take a long time to generate, but you can continue working in Dentrix during the process. If you need to abort the report generation, you can click Cancel at any time.
  • You can access a detailed explanation of all of the report data in the Dentrix Reports Reference guide. The guide is available online in the Dentrix Resource Center at

Learn more tips like these and gain a thorough understanding of all of the tools available to you in Dentrix for managing, organizing, and streamlining your continuing care program at our Continuing Care Management workshop. For a detailed course outline and a list of dates and locations, visit

Author: Patty Reay
Published: 10/31/2012
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