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"With the impact PPOs are having on dental practices’ profits, dental practices will need to produce more to net the same income," states Dr. Charles Blair, renowned coding expert. Dr. Blair estimates that "by the end of 2012, approximately 80% of all dental insurance plans sold will be PPOs, which is up from 35% in 2005." Dr. Blair also states that "Dentrix Profitability Coaching is one of the best bargains a Dentrix dental practice could invest in to help drive efficiencies that will have a direct impact on a practice’s bottom line." The coaching program helps customers review best practices through a deeper utilization of Dentrix, introduces some of the current changes affecting dental practices and offers a customizable plan for each dental practice’s unique needs.

Review of Best Practices through a Deeper Utilization of Dentrix
The coaching program helps practices improve management by reviewing key reports and utilizing key features in Dentrix. It is estimated that most customers utilize less than 15% of their software’s full capabilities, and Dentrix customers often state they realize they are not using important features that could save them time. Dentrix coaches can often provide quick and simple tips that help practices save time and enhance their abilities to offer a superior patient experience. The coaching program includes seven, one-hour coaching sessions, which include reporting and key performance indicators, continuing care, schedule optimization, insurance and collections management, production and case acceptance, patient and referral management and tips on going paperless.

In September 2012, Dentrix asked attendees of the "Eliminate the Data Analysis Guesswork with Dentrix Practice Advisor" webinar if they were utilizing Dentrix Practice Advisor and Daily Huddle Reports. Only 9% of attendees were using these key reports, but after learning more about these valuable tools, 96% said they would start using them regularly.

"Our coaches are experienced Dentrix professionals who help practices maximize Dentrix to ensure patients do not fall through the cracks in their hygiene production. We can also help practices reduce their number of broken and no-show appointments by making sure the critical tools in Dentrix are properly being utilized," states profitability coaching manager Jason McKnight.

A few examples include doing an audit to ensure proper setup of important codes that update a patient’s continuing care status, such as Prophy, Perio and FMX/Panos. Practices also receive important tips that help improve the way they track case acceptance and can help decrease no-show and broken appointments.

Review of Current Changes Impacting Dental Practices
With the way PPOs are impacting dental practices, it is critical that the insurance-tracking tools in Dentrix are maximized. The coaching team helps practices gain efficiencies that help free up time to spend on better patient care. Dentrix coaches also provide tips for ensuring patient estimates are as accurate as possible. Dr. Charles Blair has also provided training to the Dentrix coaches so they can discuss a few of Dr. Blair’s coding tips and review a few new coding changes in 2013. With the federal mandate that healthcare offices have electronic health records (EHR) by 2015, the coaching program offers practices easy-to-implement, yet specific, tips on using tools in Dentrix to help go paperless.

Customizable Coaching Program for Practices’ Unique Needs
While the coaching program has valuable content known to increase efficiencies and profitability, the program is built with flexibility. "The coaching program was never built with the idea that one size fits all," states McKnight. "We work with customers to understand how they operate and provide patient care, and then we provide recommendations on what tools are available and how they can be implemented to help the practice achieve their targets for higher efficiency and better patient care.

Feedback from dental practices has revealed that they don’t have time to shut down the practice for four to eight hours for Dentrix training sessions. That is why the coaching program was designed to be delivered in one-hour increments. Sessions can be scheduled around your practice, either before you begin your day, during lunch hours or after you are done seeing patients for the day."

Dentrix has assisted over 1,200 customers in the Profitability Coaching Program, with 100 percent of those surveyed stating that they would recommend the coaching program to a colleague. As customers go through the program, they are learning to maximize key features in Dentrix that make it easier to integrate best practices, stay aware of the current changes affecting dental practices and implement a customizable coaching plan to meet their own unique needs—all while having a positive impact on the practice’s efficiencies and profits.

To learn more about the Dentrix Profitability Coaching Program, go to To purchase Dr. Charles Blair’s valuable Practice Booster Program, which has all of the 2013 CDT coding changes, dental code advisor and monthly Insurance Solutions Newsletter, go to and order item number 377-0006 which gives you a 13 month subscription for the price of 12 months.

Author: Tammy McHood, Product Manager
Published: 11/30/2012
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