Updating Patient Addresses

Keeping patient addresses up-to-date just go a lot easier! Click-of-a-button easy to be exact.

When the US Postmaster recently changed regulations requiring National Change of Address Verification (NCOA), Henry Schein Practice Solutions responded by including it with QuickBill, its patient statement mailing service. NCOA verification, previously available as an option, changed in price from 70ยข per address to a mandatory flat rate of just $3.95 per month.

NCOA verification checks a national database to identify postal customers that have relocated. By comparing mailing lists against the database dental offices ensure accurate delivery of patient statements and reduce undeliverable mail.

Addresses corrected with NCOA verification are reported back to the dental office for updating in the patient files. At just $3.95 per month ($47.40 per year), most doctors felt it was a tremendous value. After all, what does it cost to lose contact with even a single patient?

Now NCOA verification is even better. A new software update called eSync streamlines communication with DENTRIX and allows updates to be made with the click of a button. Each address correction is reported back the practice with the option to accept or reject the change. Manually updating addresses is a thing of the past!

Practices using QuickBill can begin using this efficient new technology immediately. However, DENTRIX G4 must be installed prior to installing eSync and the computer must have an Internet connection.

Visit the QuickBill page at www.HenrySchein.com/eServices and click on the Download tab to access the free eSync download. Instructions for installation and use can also be downloaded from the same page.

Help with the installation is available by calling 800-734-5561, option 1. For more information on QuickBill visit www.HenrySchein.com or call 800-734-5561, option 2.

Published: 06/22/2009
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