Thrive with Dentrix Training

When you provide training for your team, you give staff members the tools they need to do their jobs. They’ll thrive—and so will your practice. Dentrix offers several training options that accommodate the needs of different practices and the learning styles of different learners. Whether you are a self-starter and like to discover new information at your own pace or prefer to receive training in a group setting where you can learn from the questions and experiences of others, you can find a Dentrix training opportunity that will work for you.

On-Demand Training
The Dentrix Resource Center offers a wealth of information that is accessible whenever you need it. It provides essential Dentrix training for the entire dental team. New employees can learn Dentrix basics with on-demand tutorials. Experienced staff can enhance their Dentrix knowledge and skills with webinar recordings, user’s guides, and nearly 12,000 searchable knowledgebase articles.

Webinars are scheduled, live, online events that focus on a variety of Dentrix and eServices topics. During a webinar, you can see the presenter’s computer screen as he or she demonstrates how to complete tasks in the software. Additionally, you can ask the presenter questions, receive answers, and learn from the questions being asked by other attendees. While a limited number of webinars are free for all viewers, most require a Dentrix Customer Service Plan.

Seminars and Workshops
If being face-to-face with an instructor is the kind of training that works for you, then attend a Seminar or Workshop. Seminars are generally half-day presentations by a Dentrix Certified Trainer. In a seminar, you'll be shown new features and given tips for making your practice more profitable in an environment where you can get your questions answered, receive valuable advice, and benefit from a trainer's experience.

Similarly, Dentrix workshops are taught by Dentrix Certified Trainers, but they are typically one- or two-day events where you'll receive a hands-on training experience in a computer lab, allowing you to practice the skills and methods being taught during the class without having to worry about making mistakes or deleting genuine patient information.

In-Office Training
A popular training option is to have a Dentrix Certified Trainer visit your office for training sessions. The biggest benefit of in-office training is the personalized attention and training you receive. You are able to interact one-on-one with the trainer, ask questions, and get hands-on practice using your own patient database. The trainer can help you learn to use Dentrix to meet your office’s particular needs and challenges, interpret your practice’s data, and implement routines based on how you prefer to handle patients, insurance and treatment. To purchase in-office training, coordinate with a local trainer you already know, call 1-800-336-8749, or send us an email.

Once you have learned how to use Dentrix for essential office tasks, our Profitability Coaching program can help you track key performance indicators and use Dentrix and eServices to increase the profitability of your practice. Coaching sessions happen over the phone, use a remote Internet connection to provide a teaching environment using your computers and your patient data, provide opportunities to ask questions, and talk through examples that relate to your practice’s unique situation.

With so many learning opportunities, what are you waiting for? Explore the training options that interest you, decide which options are best for your team, and start learning –and thriving–today.

Which Training Options are Best for Me and My Team?

On-Demand Webinars Seminars Workshops In-Office Coaching
Self-paced X
With an instructor X X X X X
Hands-on practice with software X X X
Opportunity to ask questions X X X X X
One-on-one X X
Group setting X X X
Face-to-face X X X
Online or over-the-phone X X X X
Personalized based on needs X X
Available in the office X X X X
Available outside the office X X X X
For staff with no Dentrix Experience X X X
Earn CE credits X
Included with Dentrix Customer Service Plan X X

Author: Sean Eyring
Published: 01/01/2013
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