Extend the Power of Dentrix G5

Extend Dentrix G5

While you’re likely already familiar with the advantages of using Dentrix as your complete practice management solution, you may be surprised to learn that the core Dentrix capabilities you’ve come to depend on are really just the beginning of what’s possible. With Dentrix G5, you can make your practice management solution an even more complete platform for your entire digital dental office—by adding a surprising (and growing) range of fully integrated new applications and capabilities to your Dentrix environment.

Make Dentrix G5 the Center of Your Technology World
Using Dentrix G5 as the central, unifying technology foundation for your practice makes sense. You already use the integrated clinical, patient management and business management tools in Dentrix to manage your workflows and bring your operatories, front office and other parts of your practice together. Now you can integrate things like X-rays and digital imaging, fraud monitoring and demand generation into the same cohesive experience with three new programs that give you more technology choices.

Dentrix Developer Program: More Apps Means More Choices
The Dentrix Developer program makes it easier for our partners to create products that integrate and work seamlessly with Dentrix. This translates directly into a larger, ever-growing family of new solutions that share information with Dentrix. It leads to higher-quality products that are easier to install and use. And it unlocks new possibilities for using Dentrix as your central, unifying technology foundation, so you can simplify your digital dental office and increase the value of your IT investment.

Dentrix Connected: Deploy with Confidence
This program allows us to properly test and certify those developed products, so Dentrix practices can choose and implement them with confidence. When you see the Dentrix Connected logo on any product, you know it has been carefully tested and certified to work flawlessly with your Dentrix G5 platform. This makes it easier to choose new hardware and software systems that work properly together and complement your Dentrix environment. “When I see the Dentrix Connected logo, I stop worrying. It’s a big advantage knowing I can invest in new software and equipment without the usual concerns about integration issues and installation problems.” — Dr. Bill Busch, DMD, MAGD

Dentrix MarketPlace: An App Store for Dentists
The Dentrix Developer Program and Dentrix Connected exist to create more hardware and software options for your Dentrix platform. The Dentrix MarketPlace brings all those options together into a convenient online experience. The site allows you to explore, purchase and download Dentrix Connected solutions with a few clicks of your mouse. Think of it as your own app store for everything Dentrix. “I’m definitely not a technology expert, so I love having one simple, convenient place where I can shop for apps that are easy to install and that I know will work well with our Dentrix system.” — Donald P. Lewis Jr., DDS, CFE

The Bottom Line for Your Practice
These three programs–the Dentrix Developer Program, Dentrix Connected and Dentrix MarketPlace–all work together to accomplish a very simple goal: to extend the power of Dentrix G5 and create a more complete platform that unifies all the technology your practice depends on. "These programs are ultimately about providing more choices and better experiences for our customers," said Kevin Bunker, Henry Schein’s president of North American dental practice solutions. "Dentrix MarketPlace has a lot to offer our customers today. And as more of our partners create more Dentrix Connected solutions, the possibilities get even more interesting and exciting."

Start Expanding Your Dentrix Universe Today
The Dentrix Developer Program, Dentrix Connected and Dentrix MarketPlace are ready to open new doors and turn Dentrix G5 into an even more capable technology foundation for your digital dental office. Visit www.DentrixMarketPlace.com today to explore your options and see what’s possible.

Published: 02/01/2013
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