eCentral Smart Messaging

Patients often complain about the number of reminders they receive from their dentist or the media used to deliver the message. eCentral’s Smart Messaging eliminates over-communicating and allows practices to communicate using the methods their patients prefer – email, text or postcard. The intelligent system prioritizes delivery based on predetermined preferences and the availability of patient contact data.

Make a Great Impression for Greater Profits

  • Sending automated appointment and recall reminders to existing patients helps ensure timely arrival for appointments and reduces no-shows.
  • Unique new patient welcome messages create a great first impression and build confidence in the patient’s choice of dental provider.
  • Happy Birthday messages are an excellent way to stay in contact with patients in between appointments - without being salesy.
  • Thank you messages instill confidence by thanking patients for scheduling their appointments. These messages are automatically distributed when a new appointment is scheduled.

Automated communications, done properly, keep your practice top of mind and reduce patient calls by providing a convenient electronic record that patients can refer to on their own.

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Author: Dan Larsen, Product Manager
Published: 10/31/2015
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