Ready for the Credit Card Liability Shift?

Q: What does the EMV liability shift mean to a dental office?
A: Fortunately for dentists, fraud in the dental industry is extremely low. Since dentists have a one-on-one relationship with their patients, it is highly unlikely that a patient would use a fraudulent card – especially since their address, phone number and employer are on file. In the event that the dentist is liable for a fraudulent transaction – meaning the dental office could have prevented it by processing it as an EMV transaction – the extent of the liability is limited to the value of the transaction. In other words, the dentist doesn’t get payment for the services rendered. There is no penalty above and beyond that.

Q: Will PowerPay/PowerPay LE be updated for the EMV liability shift?
A: We are currently developing a new release of PowerPay and PowerPay LE that supports EMV transactions. It is not an update to the current PowerPay or PowerPay LE software but a completely new platform that will offer many new advantages.

Q: When will the new release be available?
A: We began beta testing the new version of PowerPay LE in September. When released, it will allow new and existing PowerPay LE customers to begin using the software with the IPP320 payment terminal. New PowerPay customers can also begin using the new version at this point, but they won’t have full PowerPay functionality. The release of the new PowerPay version, supporting the MX915 terminal, signature capture and consents, is expected to be released in November. It will also include a database migration tool for retrieving reports and consent agreements for existing PowerPay customers.

Q: Will there be an additional cost for the new version of PowerPay or PowerPay LE?
A: No, existing users will be able to upgrade to the latest version of their software (PowerPay or PowerPay LE) at no charge. The only additional charge will be the hardware.

Q: What hardware options will be available for the new version of PowerPay/PowerPay LE?
A: Two terminals will be available for PowerPay and both can process EMV transactions. The IPP320 is the only terminal option available for PowerPay LE.

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Author: Bruce Herbert, eServices Product Marketing Manager
Published: 10/31/2015
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