Henry Schein Launches Dentrix Ascend Beta

You may have heard that Henry Schein recently launched a beta program for a new cloud-based practice management system—Dentrix Ascend. Because this newest edition to the Henry Schein family of practice management solutions includes the Dentrix name, we want to introduce it to our Dentrix customers.

First, Dentrix Ascend is not replacing Dentrix. Dentrix is the most popular practice management system in North America, and we are committed to enhancing and supporting it. In fact, many of the new features in Dentrix G5, including the SQL database, application programming interface, Dentrix Developer Program and Dentrix Marketplace, pave the way for future product development. And they are already paying dividends for Dentrix customers, with 80 developer organizations now creating solutions to enlarge and improve the total solution ecosystem.

Second, Dentrix Ascend is not “Dentrix on the web.” It is a new product that has been completely redesigned from the ground up. As we set out to create an all-new cloud-based application, we spent countless hours observing dental offices and conducting hundreds of usability tests to help us create a totally different user experience. We are excited about the result and believe that organizations looking to transition to a cloud-based solution will find that Dentrix Ascend is a best-in-class product.

Dentrix Ascend is a new and different product for practices interested in a cloud-computing solution and does not run in tandem with Dentrix. Any practice with existing software wishing to use Dentrix Ascend will need to convert its data, just like when migrating from any other practice management software.

Dentrix Ascend offers features that some dental offices may find attractive, including:

  • Small, multi-site practices can operate from a single patient database
  • Easy access to the system through a PC, Mac or Apple iPad
  • No server hardware is required to run the program, which will reduce IT costs*

However, at this time, Dentrix Ascend does not offer other features that Dentrix customers have come to rely on, such as:

  • Digital image bridging
  • Appointment reminders
  • Business reports
  • Letter merging
  • Online patient portal
  • Office journal
  • API for third-party product integration

If you are interested in adopting a cloud-based system in the future but Dentrix Ascend doesn’t yet have the functionality you need, we encourage you to keep tabs on the product’s development through the Dentrix Ascend website, Facebook page and blog. Current Henry Schein software customers who transition to Dentrix Ascend will receive a discount for being loyal customers.

As a Henry Schein customer, you can be sure that we have the right solution for you, whether it is the most popular desktop software or the most exciting cloud-based system.

* Offices that utilize digital imaging technology may still need server hardware to run their imaging system.

Author: Jay Wood
Published: 03/31/2013
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