EMV Chip Card Upgrade

EMV “chip” cards have created a buzz for virtually every merchant in the United States as card associations have shifted the liability for fraudulent, non-EMV transactions from issuers to merchants beginning on October 1, 2015. EMV is a proven global payment technology set to become the standard in the United States over the next few years.

Development on PowerPay LE EMV and PowerPay EMV is progressing as planned. We will announce product availability (software and devices) in early February. We will provide more details about upgrades, new purchases, device exchange programs and so on at that time.

To get in line early for EMV updates and purchases, sign up on our waiting list at http://www.dentrix.com/Products/eServices/emv-information. The signup list is at the bottom of the web page.

Author: Damon Graves
Published: 01/31/2016
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