New Payor Connections Added February

Electronic Claims: Dentrix now has an eClaim connection with the following payors. If any of your patients are using these carriers, you can reduce paper claims and submit claims through Dentrix instead.

Payor ID Payor Name
40137Kalos Health
63002Mercy Life of Alabama
81434Shelte Point Life
44423Alexian Brothers Community Services of TN
47738Hamaspik Choice

Electronic Explanation of Benefits: You can now receive electronic explanations of benefits (eEOB/ERA) from the following payors.

Payor ID Payor Name
53589Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Electronic Eligibility Verification: You can now verify patient insurance eligibility electronically with the following payors.

Payor ID Payor Name
33108UMR-Cincinnati (United Medical Resources)
33108UMR-United Medical Resources (Cincinnati)
33108United Medical Resources
37237Common Wealth Administrative Group
37237UMR-Lexington (Common Wealth Admin LLC)
39026Employers Insurance of Wisconsin
39026Fiserv Health- Wausua Benefits/Benesight
39026Wausau Benefits/ Benesight
62154DentaQuest- Government Plan (TN)
62179Health Choice of Arizona
74223UICI Administrators- State of Nevada
74223UMR-San Antonio (American Administrative Group Inc.)
74223UMR-San Antonio (f.k.a. Benefit Planners Inc.)
75196UMR-Harrington (f.k.a. Harrington Benefit Services-Westerville)
79480Midwest Security Administrators Inc.
79480UMR-Onalaska (Midwest Security of WI)
79480Midwest Security of WI
95266Harrington Benefit Services (Columbus)
95266UMR- Harrington (Columbus)
CDAR1Delta Dental of Arkansas
CKID1DentaQuest- Government Plans (ID)
CKID1Medicaid of Idaho
CKIL1DentaQuest- Government Plans IL (Administered by Doral Dental)
CKIL1Medicaid of Illinois
CKKY3Doral Dental of Kentucky
CKKY3DentaQuest- Government (KY)
CKKY3Doral Dental of Kentucky/ Region 3 (Policy # 0030)
CKKY3DentaQuest- Government Plans (KY)
CKKY3Kentucky Medicaid, Passport Plan
CKKY3Medicaid KY (Doral Dental)
CKSC1DentaQuest- Government Plans (SC Medicaid)
CKSC1Medicaid of South Carolina
CKVA1Medicaid of Virginia
CKVA1DentaQuest- Government Plans (VA Medicaid)
CX014Doral Dental
CX014DentaQuest- Government Health Plans
CX036Group Dental Services (GDS)
CX049Prudential Dental- Group Service
CX049Denex Dental
CX049Prudential Dental
CX052DentaQuest- Government (Coral Gables, FL)
CX052Atlantic Dental Inc./ADI (Coral Gables, FL)-Medicaid Claims
CX073Kaiser NW
CX073Kaiser Permanete Dental Choice (Rockville, MD)

View the entire list of electronic payor connections using the Payor Search Tool. You can search for specific payors or download the complete payor list.

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Author: Bruce Herbert, eServices Product Marketing Manager
Published: 03/31/2016
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