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Is a website just a website? Our years of experience tell us no. Your website is meant to be a marketing tool, not just a generic brochure thrown onto the web, never to be touched or seen again. Your website is the first place people will go when they hear about you. Let me repeat that: your website is the FIRST PLACE people go once they hear your name. Your website is your first impression. You spend a lot of time making sure your office looks great and is up-to-date. But does all of that matter if the patient never makes it into the office to see the new equipment, impressive reception area and nice new dental chairs? If your website does not adequately reflect your practice, send the right message and capture the attention of patients, then you are missing out on great new patients each and every day.

Get a Website That Works

There are dozens of dental website companies willing to build dental websites…so how do you choose which one to use? It’s true, you can find a dozen companies these days to build a website. Building a website is a learned task. But developing a website that WORKS, appeals to viewers, and gets results is a whole different issue. Give me some wood, nails, and a hammer, and I can build you a chair. Would it be aesthetic and fit with your decor? Probably not. Would someone be able to sit in it without it breaking? I doubt it. The same is true with a website. It must look great, work well, and be easy to find found so that it can help you attract the patients you want and keep the patients you have.

You also want to make sure that you stay within budget on your site, that it’s customized for your needs and that YOU own your site—not the company that created it. Jameson designs websites on a flat-fee basis. No surprise add-on costs for products you expect to be on your site, like a smile gallery. Your site will be designed to best reflect your marketing. Even the templates can be moderately adjusted to ensure that the site reflects your brand. And once your site is completed, it is yours, always and forever!

The best part? Your site designed by Jameson is a marketable website that can grow with you and your practice. You can take advantage of great marketing tools to promote your website online through search engine optimization, social media optimization and even a hosting solution that will allow you to have web changes each month at no fee. Jameson will use its marketing and design expertise to make the changes so that the integrity of the site isn’t compromised.

In addition, you can choose to have your site optimized on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is found for major search terms in your area. With the daily changes in Google, you need a professional solely focused on optimizing your site to deliver the best results.

You can have all of this with a website that is seamlessly integrated with Dentrix, allowing patients to pay bills, update forms, request appointments and more. For further information click here.

Get started today! Contact your eServices Account Executive at 800-734-5561 for a needs assessment to help you determine the website option that best fits your goals.

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Author: Misty Clark, Jameson Management
Published: 04/30/2013
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