Wi-Fi for Your Waiting Room

This year, the number of mobile devices in use exceeded the number of people on Earth. For every one person, there are 1.4 smartphones, tablets and cell phones in use. Statistically, this means every person in your waiting room carries at least one device capable of connecting to the Internet. Do you have a Wi-Fi network available for your patients and visitors to use? And if so, is it one that also keeps your business network private?

Why Should I Care?

This is the information age, and your patients have embraced technology. They receive news updates, tweets, RSS feeds and texts throughout the day. For many patients, the stacks of magazines cluttering your waiting room may not have as much significance as they did in past years—but a Wi-Fi connection does.

Free Wi-Fi is a standard amenity in most businesses. A few years ago, customers expressed surprise at the availability of Wi-Fi—now customers are frustrated by its absence.

What’s in It for Me?

Here are just a few of the benefits of adding free Wi-Fi to your practice:

  • Save time. A Wi-Fi network, kiosk software for Dentrix and a few iPads allow patients to check in and update information without involving office staff. Your team can help other patients or work on tasks other than data entry, and they won’t waste time deciphering patients’ handwriting.
  • Reduce clutter. Free Wi-Fi for your visitors allows you to cut down on magazine subscriptions for your waiting room. Many patients will occupy themselves with online banking, webinars and business from their smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  • Improve patient relations. Although your patients have appointments, schedules do not always run on time. Free Wi-Fi access shows your patients you value their time by helping them stay productive while they wait. Parents, spouses and friends who took time off for a midday appointment will get some work done while waiting for patients.
  • Create goodwill to win new patients. Not all who use your Wi-Fi are patients—right now. A friend or relative waiting with your patient is a prospect. Free Wi-Fi in your waiting room is an amenity that can tip them in your favor.
  • Gain a competitive advantage. Consumers love free. Offering free Wi-Fi is a powerful marketing tool and a competitive advantage for your practice.
  • Poise your practice for future growth. The demand for Internet access will continue to grow—both for your patients and your practice. Going forward, you’ll see new dental and business devices cut the cord and rely solely on Wi-Fi connectivity. Henry Schein’s recent introduction of Dentrix Ascend is a great example of technology that helps your office untether. Dentrix Ascend lets you run your practice management from the cloud so you can move throughout your office while accessing patient records.

Change is constant. Are you ready for the future?

Get Wi-Fi for Your Practice

More than 7,000 practices rely on TechCentral for computer technology and support. Whether you are adding Wi-Fi or upgrading your current network, a Henry Schein expert can help you make free Wi-Fi available to your visitors. Call 877-483-0382 to schedule your free practice technology assessment, or visit www.HenryScheinTechCentral.com for more information.

Author: Darren Somsen
Published: 04/30/2013
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