Dentrix Mastery Tracks Specialist Spotlight

Dentrix Mastery Tracks™ allows dental professionals to test how well they understand and can use Dentrix. Read on to find out about Mary LeBlanc, an office manager who has completed seven Mastery Tracks tests and earned three specialist certificates.

Where do you work?

John A. Schrader D.M.D, Willows Dental Group, North Andover, Massachusetts

What is your title?

Office Manager, Certified Dental Assistant

What are some of the duties you’re responsible for within your practice?

I am responsible for all of the administrative duties, marketing, budgeting, collections, accounts receivable and office expenses. I also arrange staff meetings, handle payroll, schedule patient appointment and staff schedules.

How long have you been with this practice?

4 years

How long have you worked with Dentrix?

4 years

What got you interested in Dentrix Mastery Tracks?

I am always looking for ways to advance my skills in Dentrix. When I heard about Mastery Tracks, I could not wait to get started!

How has participating in Mastery Tracks helped you use Dentrix?

Mastery Tracks has taught me how to fully utilize Dentrix. I have been able to increase my time management with the simplified tasks that I have learned. There are so many different ways to navigate through Dentrix and knowing the best path is very helpful!

How has becoming a Dentrix specialist improved your career?

With the support and encouragement of Dr. Schrader, I have been able to achieve my goal of enhancing my Practice Management skills. Becoming a Dentrix Specialist has given me more confidence and knowledge in Dentrix and also in the Dental field. Taking the time to educate myself more has really helped the office run smoothly and more efficient. It is comfortable knowing that I can be a reliable source for my office staff as well as my patients.

What is your favorite Dentrix tip or trick?

I have so many tips and tricks that I use! Flip tabs are probably my favorite. They are very simple, yet also very useful and time saving. I also really like using the Questionnaire online. Patients find it very convenient to have the option of filling out their health history forms from home.

Published: 05/31/2016
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