The Secret to a Dynamic Morning Huddle

Who Should Huddle

Everyone should be involved in the morning huddle. It is the impetus of a successful journey in the dental practice. Each team member, including the doctor(s), has a responsibility and specific role in the morning huddle. It’s what prevents the huddle from becoming just a “schedule review.”

The Dentrix Daily Huddle allows everyone on the team to see specific information about patients coming in for the day. For example, a hygienist will want to see information such as overdue continuing care information, family members without a future appointment or unscheduled treatment plans, to name a few. A financial coordinator may want to see overdue balances, patients who do not have an email address on file, insurance ineligibilities or patients without insurance. The Dentrix Daily Huddle can be saved with every team member’s preferences, making it easier for each team member to come to the morning huddle equipped with valuable information.

For more information on how to set up and run the Dentrix Daily Huddle, click here.

What to Discuss

Have a specific agenda to follow. This keeps the focus on track and creates order for the preparing of the day. Create a list of topics to discuss in an efficient and easy-to-implement format. Be sure to include all areas of the dental practice to avoid unnecessary surprises.

The Dentrix Daily Huddle serves two very important purposes. The first is to provide a quick snapshot on how the practice did yesterday, what today is looking like and how the rest of the month is forecasting. This allows you to see, on a daily basis, how you are progressing toward your monthly goals. The second purpose is to provide valuable information about patients coming in for the day.

When to Huddle

The huddle is most effective when done before the day begins. Allow at least 10 minutes to discuss the agenda and address potential obstacles. Allow an additional five minutes before the huddle begins for the team to properly prepare for it. Additionally, prepare to wrap up the huddle five minutes before the start of the day to allow the team an opportunity to create a final checklist before the first patient is treated.

The number one reason that practices say they do not have daily huddles is that they simply do not have enough time. However, the average practice saves at least 60 minutes a day by running the Dentrix Daily Huddle, compared to the time it takes to manually research all the same information for patients coming in for the day.

Where to Meet

Huddles should take place in a location where the entire team can easily gather. It is helpful if the schedule can also be displayed during the huddle for easy reference. Typically, the huddle takes place in the break room with a flat-screen TV displaying the schedule for easy viewing. If this is not possible, each team member should have a copy of the current day’s schedule, plus the previous day’s schedule handy for review.

Why You Should Huddle

Reviewing the schedule before the day actually begins allows the entire team to identify potential roadblocks, hiccups and obstacles during the day. For example, the huddle allows the team to identify patients who can be moved from operative to hygiene, if overdue for a hygiene appointment; hygiene patients with overdue family members; and undone dentistry that can be completed because the patient is already present for another appointment.

The Dentrix Daily Huddle provides valuable patient information so your practice can maximize patient visits. The report shows unscheduled treatments, overdue continuing care, other family members without an appointment, overdue accounts and much, much more. There is no better time to have these discussions than when the patient is in your office having face-to-face conversations with team members.

In closing, the morning huddle can be the ONE event in your practice schedule that can set you and your team up for a stress-free, productive day. Not having a morning huddle just isn’t an option.

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Author: Lois Banta, Banta Consulting
Published: 04/30/2013
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