Dentrix Mastery Tracks Specialist Spotlight: Ana Ebanks, Office Coordinator

Ana Ebanks, Office Coordinator
Joseph F. Manzi, DDS, Eastchester, NY

Mastery Tracks allows dental professionals to test how well they understand and can use Dentrix. Read on to find out about Ana Ebanks, an office coordinator who has completed all eight Mastery Tracks tests and earned all four specialist certificates.

Where do you work?

I work in an eco-friendly dental practice named Joseph F. Manzi, DDS in Eastchester, New York.

What is your title?

I am the office coordinator.

What are some of the duties you’re responsible for in your practice?

I am responsible for greeting patients, scheduling new appointments, entering patient data, billing and insurance reimbursement, managing accounts payable and receivable, and treatment planning.

How long have you worked with Dentrix?

I have worked with Dentrix for two and a half years.

Which certificates have you earned?

Dentrix Clinical Specialist, Dentrix Front Office Specialist, Dentrix Financial Specialist, Dentrix Practice Analysis Specialist

What got you interested in Dentrix Mastery Tracks?

I enjoy reading The Dentrix Office Manager blog by Dayna Johnson. In her October 16, 2014 blog post she mentioned Dentrix Mastery Tracks, and I immediately knew that I was interested in attaining the specialist title. What a great opportunity to be able to represent all that I have learned in Dentrix with a certificate!

How has participating in Mastery Tracks helped you use Dentrix?

While taking the various Mastery Tracks tests, I learned several easier and more efficient ways to complete some of the everyday tasks that I perform using Dentrix.

How has becoming a Dentrix specialist improved your career?

Becoming a Dentrix specialist has helped me to become more assertive in the workplace, and I have been given more opportunities to showcase my skills. Knowing that I have earned the specialist title (and the certificates to prove it) has given me that extra bit of confidence that is necessary to advance in my career.

What is your favorite Dentrix tip or trick?

Very frequently patients ask for an excuse note for work or school after dental visits. My favorite Dentrix tip is the ability to create a template for an excuse note that automatically generates the patient’s name and date of their visit. This note can be stored as a Dentrix Quick Letter and can be acquired with just one click of a button. How convenient is that?

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Published: 06/30/2016
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