DDX and Dentrix: Connecting in New Ways

For many practices, lab purchases represent their second largest expense after staff salaries. And in most jurisdictions, practices are required to store lab prescriptions for a minimum of seven years.

Now DDX makes it easy and cost–effective to manage lab work. The free solution integrates with Dentrix and supports the transition to digital dentistry. Because DDX is web based, you don’t have to worry about backing up data or managing it like standard installed software. With a single DDX account, you can manage casework for all of the labs you work with.

Integration with Dentrix G5.2

Since Dentrix G5.2, DDX has been integrated into the Dentrix workflow. You can access a patient’s lab casework details throughout the software. Create DDX lab cases from the Dentrix Appointment Book (Figure 1) or the Dentrix Patient Chart to support the workflow of your practice. Quickly attach DEXIS images to the lab prescription or associate a patient’s Document Center files with the lab prescription, right within DDX.

After you create a DDX lab case, it will be associated with the patient’s future appointment. If DDX determines that there is a high probability that the lab case will not return before the patient appointment, you’ll be alerted so you can make necessary adjustments to the lab schedule or the patient appointment. When a lab case is associated with an appointment, an “L” icon appears in the Dentrix appointment block. The icon color changes based on the status of the DDX lab case to give your staff real–time visibility. And because a PDF summary of each lab case is automatically inserted into the patient’s Document Center folder, Dentrix maintains a complete record of the patient’s clinical care.

Integration with Dentrix G6.1

With the launch of Dentrix G6.1, DDX is integrated much more deeply into the clinical workflow of the practice management software, providing easier access to a patient’s historical lab casework. A Dentrix Chart Panel, similar to the DEXIS Chart Panel, makes it easy to access a patient’s historical lab casework (Figure 2). From the panel, a highlight of each lab case is displayed. More details about the lab case, including image thumbnails, are accessible with a single–click, and full access into the DDX application for case management and collaboration is available. A summary of each lab case is also automatically posted into the patient’s Clinical Notes (Figure 3).

Learn More and Get Started

Interested in learning more or getting started with DDX? Visit www.ddxdental.com or call (877) 244-9345. It’s free for your practice and takes just minutes to get going.

Figure 1

DDX Lab Case in Dentrix Appointment Book

Figure 2

DDX Lab Case in Dentrix Chart Panel

Figure 3

DDX Lab Case in Dentrix Clinical Notes

Author: Sandy MacDonald
Published: 09/22/2016
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