Top 10 Reasons to Use eClaims

Insurance claim reimbursement represents more than 50% of the revenue for a typical dental office and oftentimes is the first form of payment toward a procedure. As such, you should decide which method to use for collecting from insurance carriers in order to optimize cash flow and maximize the usefulness of your time.

Dentrix eClaims provides significant advantages over other means of insurance claim submission. Here are the top 10 reasons to use Dentrix eClaims.

  1. Less time submitting claims — Dentrix eClaims is faster than third-party electronic claims services because you have fewer required steps needed in order to submit your claims. You simply submit them directly from within Dentrix. Other solutions require multiple steps that include selecting the appropriate print driver, printing the claims "electronically," opening the third-party software and then, finally, submitting the claims. We've been told by customers that this can add up to 20 minutes per day of added work.
  2. Fewer rejections — Dentrix eClaims validates every claim and provides you with actions to take in order to avoid delays or rejections. The system provides warnings when an omission might result in a delay or rejection. It provides rejection notices when an omission or incorrect information is certain to result in a rejection. Any edits that you make, such as adding an NPI number, are updated in Dentrix. Third–party solutions don't update Dentrix when you modify a claim.
  3. Faster reimbursement — Because Dentrix validates every claim for complete data and sends your claims to one of the largest lists of payers in the dental industry, more of your claims are received by insurance carriers complete and in an electronic format for faster adjudication than with other systems. Plus, Dentrix eClaims can be tracked from submission through reimbursement, so you know your claim was received. Our support team can even assist in the tracking if there is ever a doubt about a payer receiving a claim.
  4. Easier attachment process — Dentrix eClaims integrates its attachment solution directly into the claim submission workflow within Dentrix. This allows your attachments to be sent with your claims, rather than through a separate process that adds extra steps and can create delays. You can even add an attachment using the screen capture tool for situations where the X-ray or image isn't stored in Dentrix. Not sure if your claim requires an attachment? Not to worry. The system informs you of the exact attachment required to support a claim.
  5. Full electronic claim roundtrip — Dentrix eClaims allows you to receive an electronic EOB directly into Dentrix. This completes a full electronic claim roundtrip and eliminates the need for manual entry for EOBs from carriers providing this connection. From the same window where you process your eEOBs, you can send billing statements for patients with an outstanding balance.
  6. No claims left behind — Dentrix allows you to run a process to identify all procedures that have been posted but not sent to the insurance carrier. Then, with the click of a button, you can submit these claims electronically. You can run this process routinely to ensure that no claims have been left behind.
  7. Fewer eligibility verification phone calls — Dentrix Insurance Manager integrates with eClaims to automate patient insurance eligibility verification to reduce the daily, time–consuming phone calls to insurance carriers. Depending on the insurance carrier, Insurance Manager will provide detailed, patient-specific eligibility data directly into the Family File, Appointment Book and Document Center. Insurance Manager also provides robust claim–reporting tools.
  8. No more runaround — With Dentrix eClaims, you know that the insurance carrier has received your claim because of the post-submission reporting. Dentrix eClaims provides a variety of reports that help you manage your claims more efficiently and with greater peace of mind.
  9. Integrated real-time claim submission process — Dentrix eClaims notifies you during the submission process within Dentrix when an insurance carrier accepts real-time claims. This allows you to submit claims when the patient is still in the office so you can collect an accurate patient portion immediately. Third–party claim solutions only notify you of a real–time connection once you're in their application, which is usually at the end of the day when it's too late to be of any value.
  10. No more claim mailing — With Dentrix eClaims, you don't need to know which insurance carriers have an electronic connection. You can submit all your claims electronically. Claims designated for payers that don't support an electronic connection will automatically be printed and mailed for you at no additional cost.

To learn more about using eClaims call 800-734-5561, option 2, to speak to an eServices account representative.

Author: Damon Graves
Published: 11/16/2016
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