Mastery Tracks Spotlight: Ja'rice Chisholm


Where do you work (practice, city state)?
Lane and Associates VIII, DDS PA, in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

What is your title?
Office manager.

What are some of the duties you’re responsible for within your practice?
I'm responsible for ensuring compliance with corporate standards, daily and month-end reconciliation, posting insurance and patient payments, submitting prior approvals, managing and directing the office to maximize efficiency, and communicating daily with senior management.

How long have you been with this practice?
2 ½ years.

How long have you worked with Dentrix?
4 years.

What got you interested in Dentrix Mastery Tracks?
My regional director completed the Mastery Tracks Program and encouraged me to look into it. After talking with her and attending the Dentrix Convention in Florida, it definitely piqued my interest.

How has participating in Mastery Tracks helped you use Dentrix?
I feel more confident in my day–to–day duties. As you are working through the program, you are learning something new daily. I now know more about Dentrix than before, and I am able to pass this information along to other managers and to my team members.

How has becoming a Dentrix specialist improved your career?
I have the knowledge to answer questions that I couldn't answer before. This knowledge will help me further my career within my company and show that I have the drive, initiative and willingness to learn new things that will help our company be successful.

What is your favorite Dentrix tip or trick?
I love the Collection Manager. There is nothing like being able to see your past-due accounts all in one place and viewing them by name, insurance estimate or patient balance. Also, the fact that you can view any section of the patient's account such as the ledger, journal or guarantor notes from there is priceless.

Author: Ja'rice Chisholm
Published: 11/16/2016
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