Mastery Tracks Spotlight: Meet Camy Gherghescu

Dentrix Mastery Tracks Spotlight: Meet Camy Gherghescu

Dentrix Mastery Tracks™ allows dental professionals to test how well they understand and can use Dentrix. Read on to find out about Camy Gherghescu, an operations manager who has completed all eight Mastery Tracks tests and earned all four specialist certificates.


Where do you work?
Goldstein Dental Group, PLLC in Novi, Michigan.

What is your title?
Operations manager.

What are some of the duties you're responsible for in your practice?
I'm responsible for daily operations, patient scheduling, accounts management, human resources, training, KPI analysis, financial reporting and marketing.

How long have you been in the dental field?
Fifteen years.

How long have you worked with Dentrix?
Over 10 years.

Which certificates have you earned?
Dentrix Clinical Specialist, Dentrix Front Office Specialist, Dentrix Financial Specialist and Dentrix Practice Analysis Specialist.

What got you interested in Dentrix Mastery Tracks?
I was interested in advancing my Dentrix skills.

How has participating in Mastery Tracks helped you use Dentrix?
I feel I am even more efficient day to day as I use the new features I learned while going through the tracks. It was not just a test opportunity; it was a learning opportunity as well. Going through the Mastery Tracks felt like having one-on-one training with a Certified Dentrix Trainer. It was a lot of fun! Learning more Dentrix features means I can teach my team more so we can all be even more productive.

How has becoming a Dentrix specialist improved your career?
I view and present myself with increased confidence as an advanced Dentrix user. I am very proud to hold in my name all the Dentrix Mastery Tracks certificates available.

What is your favorite Dentrix tip or trick?
I like viewing the Appointment Book by week and reading it in that view when I open the schedule. I think it's faster than any other way available in Dentrix to find an available appointment time.

Author: Camy Gherghescu
Published: 12/13/2016
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