Simplify Your Patient Communications

As a dental practice, you strive to be highly efficient. You know automation can help, but have some fear of losing control and upsetting patients. You are highly sensitive to patient feedback, especially since it usually comes in the form of a complaint. You know that communication is key, but don't necessarily feel like you have it figured out.

Communications Manager's new “smart messaging” features help you market to existing patients more effectively by communicating appointment reminders and recall reminders at the appropriate time and through the appropriate delivery mechanism based on patient contact data – email, text or postcard – reducing the likelihood of missed appointments or over–communication to patients.

When combined with previously released “smart messaging” functionality like new patient welcome, thank you for scheduling an appointment, and happy birthday messages that are sent out using the same intelligent priority system, Communication Manager even further enhances your ability to create a positive and professional impression of your practice.

The new “smart message–enabled” appointment reminders and recall reminders provide an additional touch point during the course of the year that will be appreciated by your patients. To learn more, go to

Published: 12/13/2016
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