Dentrix Connected Partner Spotlight: Brightsquid

Email is a problem for most dental practices for two reasons:

  1. Using regular email (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) to transmit patient data isn’t HIPAA compliant.
  2. You can’t email high-resolution digital images, 3-D STL files or CBCT scans because they’re too big. Most email servers limit attachment size to less than 20 MB.

Until recently, alternatives to email were time-consuming and costly. You had to print out files, express-mail or courier images (at $40 apiece) and wait—sometimes for days—for the lab or specialist to get back to you.

Today, Dentrix dentists have a fast, affordable and HIPAA-compliant alternative to email: Brightsquid Secure-Mail for Dentrix. Brightsquid, a new Dentrix Connected Partner, specializes in secure healthcare collaboration.

“We’re purpose-built for this,” says Jeff MacKay, senior marketing manager at Brightsquid. “Some of our competitors also build websites, but we focus on doing one thing and doing it very well. We think HIPAA compliance is cool and secure communication is exciting.”

Since 2009, thousands of dentists, physicians, specialists and patients have been using Brightsquid Secure-Mail to safely share protected healthcare information (PHI). In August of 2016, Brightsquid became a certified Dentrix Connected Partner.

“When we looked for a partner to integrate with, the strength of Dentrix in the market, its brand recognition and reputation made it the obvious choice,” MacKay says. “Tight integration with Dentrix was also a great way to add more ease-of-use to our product, removing a couple of steps for customers.”

Compliant and Convenient Communication

Brightsquid Secure-Mail for Dentrix lets you easily send HIPAA-compliant email to patients, colleagues, specialists and labs—right from the Dentrix toolbar. Send secure email to individual patients from the Dentrix Family File or batch-send messages to your entire patient base.

Dentrix populates the patient fields in Secure-Mail and automatically attaches the appropriate files. You don’t have to change your practice email address to use Secure-Mail for Dentrix. It delivers a notification from your regular email to the recipient’s email. The recipient then logs in to Secure-Mail to view your secure message.

Secure-Mail for Dentrix can handle large attachments, up to 500 MB per message. Instead of sending many smaller files, a single message can contain an entire patient file.

“You can give patients access to their PHI and include them in referral requests to provide visibility into the process and reduce phone calls enquiring about referral status,” MacKay explains. “Brightsquid helps you build better patient relationships. Now you can communicate with patients in a secure way that allows you to talk freely about their care.”

Secure-Mail messages are encrypted in every way, using AES 256-bit encryption for all messages on the servers and RSA 2048-bit encryption for messages in transit. All communications are saved for 10 years and automatically backed up. Secure-Mail servers are also audited regularly for HIPAA compliance.

A Secure-Mail for Dentrix subscription is $49.99 a month, plus a one-time $100 installation fee. Your subscription includes integration with Dentrix G5.2 or higher and setup on up to five computers in your dental practice. It also includes full customer support for you and everyone you invite to view Secure-Mail messages. There is no limit on the amount of data you can store in your account.

Documented Chain of Custody

Secure-Mail for Dentrix provides your practice with trackable patient communication. You receive confirmation of every message sent, including who received it and when they viewed it. Every patient communication history is automatically stored in the Dentrix Patient Journal.

“When you send regular email over the Internet, even if it’s encrypted, there’s no way to tell where that message has been or how many different servers it touched. For HIPAA, you need to be sure of the chain of custody at all times. You need to know who has access to PHI,” MacKay says.

A trackable, solid record allows much more efficiency when clinics collaborate. No more waiting for a fax to come through or playing telephone tag with referrals. This instant communication is especially valuable when multiple providers are involved.

“Brightsquid is all about expediting information and sharing it so patients can get better care,” MacKay adds. He shares this testimonial from a prosthodontist in Milwaukee who has been using Secure-Mail for more than two years:

Keeping all members of the implant team on the same page is critical for predictable outcomes. The surgical, restorative and implant teams can easily communicate throughout the entire course of therapy with Secure-Mail. It keeps everybody up to date as to the patient's progress in a HIPAA-compliant, instantaneous manner.

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Published: 01/31/2017
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