Editor’s Note: G6.4 is NOW available. This earlier article explains the great new G6.4 features that will benefit your practice.

Dentrix G6.4 will be on its way soon. This new version features several top, user-requested features that will make your work processes easier and faster than ever. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • A ’Credit Card’ payment type is now available to select when posting payments for insurance claims for accurate recording of insurance payments. The batch insurance feature also has this added capability. (See the sample in Image 1 below.) After you enter “credit card” as the payment type, the Day Sheet, deposit slips, and Practice Analysis Payment Summary will help you analyze payments by showing when a credit card was used for insurance payments. For greater detail, you can better monitor which specific credit cards are used by entering the last 4 digits of the credit card number and a description of up to 20 characters (credit card type, insurer’s name, or any other description to help you remember) in the corresponding fields.

  • Total Insurance Payment
    Image 1

  • Changes to the Billing/Payment Agreement Information dialog box allow you to create a payment agreement using a template. (Notice the Agreement Templates button in Image 2 below.) You can also create a payment agreement note or a guarantor note.

  • Billing - Payment Agreement Information dialog
    Image 2

  • The newly-created Payment Agreement Manager makes analysis and follow-up easier by listing all payment agreements created by your office. (See Image 3.) Start by using options to filter and sort to find the desired agreement. Then save time and effort by entering payments without having to go through the Ledger. Also, within individual agreements, the Payment Agreement Notes have been upgraded, so that they are easier for you to navigate and edit.

  • Payment Agreement Manager window
    Image 3

Author: Loren Sucher, PMM
Published: 05/17/2017
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