Why Fly Coach When You Prefer First Class?

Imagine you are taking all your staff members on a well-deserved cruise. You book the airfare and cruise accommodations at coach rates. Then you learn that all your tickets have been upgraded to First Class at no additional charge to you. Wouldn’t you jump at the offer?

Staying up to date with the latest version of Dentrix is a lot like that. Your Dentrix Customer Service Plan* entitles you to the very latest labor-saving, revenue-enhancing Dentrix features at no additional charge. Upgrade now and you’ll be better equipped to meet your top priorities:

  • Deliver your best clinical care
  • Optimize patient outcomes
  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Maximize profitability

If you are using an older version of Dentrix, see below for a few of the user-requested improvements that can empower you and your team. And consider this: Just as your staff will love you for that cruise, they will love you for upgrading to the latest tools that simplify their jobs.

So, wouldn’t you really prefer to go First Class? Call us at (800) DENTRIX or (800) 336-8749 to get your upgrade going.

*If your plan has lapsed, give us a call at (800) 734-5561, option 2, for details on getting back on a plan that meets your needs.

Dentrix features that are yours for the asking:

Top priorities Dentrix delivers outcomes you need
Deliver your best clinical care
  • Add patient-specific Medical Alert Notes – Dentrix G6.0
  • Create lab cases within Treatment Planner – Dentrix G5.2
  • Integrate with intraoral scanners in the patient chart – Dentrix G6.1
Optimize patient outcomes
  • Use ePrescribe to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies and have those write back into Dentrix – Dentrix G6.1
Drive operational efficiency
  • Save time with Split Payment by Family Member feature instead of manual data entry in multiple patient ledgers – Dentrix G6.0
  • “Post complete” to multiple providers and more with Appointment Book enhancements – Dentrix G6.0
  • Access patient and vendor info quickly with eDex Contact Directory – Dentrix G6.0
  • Easily scan documents and import them into Dentrix more quickly with Document Center updates – Dentrix G6.0
  • Run Dentrix as a Standard Operating System User – Dentrix G6.2
Maximize profitability
  • Use Electronic Explanations of Benefits (eEOBs) to automatically import EOBs into the ledger (when used with a customer service plan that includes Insurance Manager and eClaims) – Dentrix G5.0
  • Post credit card payments to insurance claims – Dentrix G6.4
  • View and manage patient agreements with new payment agreement manager – Dentrix G6.4
  • View production based on adjusted totals in Appointment Book – Dentrix G6.3

Is your hardware holding you back from upgrading to Dentrix G6?
Henry Schein TechCentral provides a team of IT professionals who will perform a free network assessment. This is the simplest way to understand the comprehensive technology needs of your practice prior to upgrading your practice management software.

Schedule your comprehensive technology assessment at www.HSTechCentral.com/G6 or call (844) 206-7733 today.

Author: Loren Sucher
Published: 07/19/2017
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