Help is Here—Today’s Top 5 Featuring G6.5

How would your life improve if you could…

…automate your month-end processes to run at any time? See #1 below.

…stay on top of patient medical conditions? See #2 below.

…organize your appointment lists? See #3 below.

…get timely and accurate insurance reimbursements? See #4 below.

…keep your chairs full and patients satisfied? See #5 below.

#1 Month-End Process. The new Task Scheduler allows you to set up reports or tasks to run on a schedule on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly interval. It has all the tasks and reports from the Month End Wizard and many more. All this, and you no longer have to close Dentrix on all computers to do your month end tasks!

#2 Medical Conditions. Dentrix medical alerts let you save medical alert notes in the notes history. You can copy medical alert notes to clinical notes, include medical alert notes in the Patient Notes Report, and even add patient notes from Questionnaire forms to the medical alert note.

#3 Organizing Lists. Appointment, ASAP, Pinboard and Unscheduled lists are now combined into one customizable and searchable list to simplify finding and scheduling your appointments. Plus, you can now pinboard, change the status, or break appointments in bulk.
We are continually updating Dentrix to address the challenges our users face. These are just a few examples included when you use your Customer Service Plan benefits to update to the latest version of Dentrix—G6.5. And upgrading is easy—customer feedback is that G6 is the smoothest upgrade in years

#4 Insurance Reimbursements. Are you getting timely and accurate insurance reimbursements? Are insurance headaches hitting your bottom line? Don’t wait longer than necessary for payment—or lose out completely on claims that aren’t approved in time. By selecting Dentrix Momentum or Optimum Service Bundles, you get access to tools that keep you on top of your insurance processing—and reduce stress on your staff. Momentum and Optimum also include tools to help you improve cash flow from patients. And, new features in Dentrix G6 streamline the process even further.

#5 Are you missing out on business that could make you more profitable? Do you have the proper tools to keep your patient base active? Stack the deck in your favor with patient communication tools in the Optimum Bundle. Not only does Optimum provide the automated email and text message appointment reminders your patients prefer, it also includes tools for collecting patient forms electronically for another step towards going paperless. Increase patients’ satisfaction by reaching them as they wish so you can provide the care they need.
All the products in Dentrix Service Bundles are natively integrated with your Dentrix software—with the key features you need, at a price that saves you time and money versus assembling and maintaining competing solutions.

Author: Loren Sucher, PMM
Published: 09/22/2017
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