Dentrix Mastery Tracks Specialist Spotlight: Monica Robinett

Dentrix Mastery Tracks helps dental professionals improve, measure, and demonstrate their Dentrix skills. Read on to find out about Monica Robinett, a financial coordinator who has earned all four specialist certificates.

Where do you work?
I work for a family dental group practice named Moore & Pascarella Dental Group in Red Bluff and Redding, CA.

What is your title?
I am the Senior Financial Coordinator.

What are some of the duties you’re responsible for within your practice?
I am responsible for treatment planning, A/R management, provider credentialing, insurance contracts, and training new team members.

How long have you been with this practice?
I have worked with the practice for 12 years.

How long have you worked with Dentrix?
My first experience with Dentrix was 12 years ago when I first joined the practice. I came from a medical billing background, and the difference in software is amazing to me. Dentrix is powerful; it has numerous capabilities to complete our daily tasks efficiently, it is customizable to fit any office’s needs, and it is very user friendly.

Which certificates have you earned?
I have earned all four of the Dentrix Specialist Certificates: Dentrix Clinical Specialist, Dentrix Financial Specialist, Dentrix Front Office Specialist, Dentrix Practice Analysis Specialist.

How has participating in Mastery Tracks helped you use Dentrix?
Participating in Mastery Tracks has helped me use Dentrix more efficiently and to the software’s full potential.

How has becoming a Dentrix specialist improved your career?
Not only has it boosted my confidence attaining the Dentrix specialist title, it has helped me become a better trainer for our new team members.

What is your favorite Dentrix tip or trick?
Just one favorite tip or trick? That’s tough. Treatment plans can be very complicated when the doctor offers more than one option to a patient. Being able to link the recommended case to alternate treatment plan is such an efficient way to present treatment and generate an accurate estimate to the patient; this is definitely one of my favorite tricks.

Take a course. Take a test. Earn a certificate. Visit and start using Dentrix Mastery Tracks to help your team improve, measure, and demonstrate their skills.

Published: 10/18/2017
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