Benefits of In-Office Training

There are many options for your Dentrix training, but having an in-office trainer offers advantages you may want for your team.

A Dentrix Certified Trainer in your office gives you a hands-on approach, with the added benefit of immediate correction and reinforcement while working at each team member’s pace. This improves overall information retention and helps your team become more efficient.

Not only will a Dentrix Certified Trainer teach you proper usage of your Dentrix system, but they will also give your employees tips and tricks to help them enter patient information more quickly and accurately, thus increasing productivity. Your patients benefit from this and will feel better about their overall experience in your practice.

Because you can tailor each in-office training session to your practice’s distinct needs, our trainers can help you achieve your business and professional goals.

In-office training allows trainers to use your office’s actual data, such as real patient transactions, balances and appointments. Learning is accelerated when real data is used. In-office training also tailors the information to the experience level of your employees and focuses on those areas of greatest importance for the development and growth of your practice.

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Author: Melinda Dyches
Published: 05/31/2013
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