Tips to Overcome the Fear of Dentistry Costs

During her 2012 Business of Dentistry Conference presentation, “Overcoming the Fear of Cost in Dentistry,” Cathy Jameson shared how you can help patients overcome financial fears and accept treatment plans, even in today’s difficult economy. Jameson taught the art of the new patient experience and introduced techniques you can use to become a more effective, convincing salesperson.

In her presentation, Jameson emphasized that the fear of cost is the number one reason people don’t go to the dentist. As a practice team, you can conquer this concern by creating ways to address and overcome this fear, including the following seven tips to help get you started:

  1. Helping your patients overcome financial fears and accept your treatment plans involves asking important questions, listening intently, and employing effective verbal skills, visual aids and strong financial arrangement systems.
  2. Create trust, need, urgency, and value to help your team deal with objections.
  3. Patients must see the value and benefit of treatment before a financial agreement will be obtained. As a result, your entire team needs to reinforce the value of treatment. Commit to appropriate education and training time throughout all office roles.
  4. Call patients by name and have all necessary information in order to communicate about treatment in layman’s terms. Watch the patient’s body language for signs of enthusiasm or discomfort.
  5. You should have the professional assistance of a financial coordinator who can carefully communicate with the patient about financial concerns. Confirm the patient’s responsibility with a signed financial agreement form.
  6. Offer patients a sense of privacy while reviewing financial arrangements with them. Ensure their entire interaction with your team leaves them with a clear, consistent, professional image of you and your services.
  7. Remember throughout the process, there is no status quo. You’re either getting better or you’re declining. So, be proactive and stay on a path to improvement.

Cathy Jameson will be a featured speaker at the 2013 Dentrix Business of Dentistry Conference. For additional information about this year’s conference, visit

Author: Sean Eyring
Published: 06/30/2013
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