Sneak Peek: Insurance Billing & Collections Workshop

Learning how to flag procedures that require a pre-authorization is one of attendee’s favorite tips in the hands-on Insurance: Billing and Collections Workshop which is offered in cities nationwide this spring. Read on to learn how to require pre-authorizations on procedures and get information about how to register for the class.

Flag Procedures Requiring Pre-Authorization

Insurance companies vary in which procedures require pre-authorizations before the work is completed. It is important to flag these procedures for each individual insurance company to be sure you are paid for your work. Do this by adjusting the coverage table for each insurance company in Dentrix and marking the procedures that require pre-authorizations.

Here’s how:

  1. In the Office Manager, select Maintenance > Reference > Insurance Maintenance.
  2. Highlight the insurance plan you want to update, and click the Coverage Table button.
  3. Select the procedure (or procedure category) that requires a pre-authorization.
  4. Check the Pre Auth checkbox and then click Change. A “Y” will appear in the Pre Auth column. When that procedure is treatment planned for a patient, a notation is added to the Treatment Plan view of the Ledger and the Case Detail view of the Treatment Planner.
  5. Click OK to save the changes.

Related Tips

  • Keep this coverage table data up to date by making it a habit to update the coverage table as soon as insurance companies notify you of procedures that require pre-authorization.
  • As procedures are treatment planned for patients, double-check the Treatment Planner view of the Ledger for which procedures need authorization before treatment.
  • In the Treatment Planner, click View > Procedure Information and make sure that the PreAuth option is checked. Then when you use the Treatment Planner Case Detail view, you will be able to see whether a pre-authorization is needed before you complete the procedure.
  • When viewing the Treatment Plan view in the Ledger, procedures needing pre-authorization display the following information in the Ins column to indicate what kind of pre-authorization is required:
    • 1** - Indicates primary insurance requires a pre-authorization on that procedure.
    • 2 - Indicates secondary insurance requires a pre-authorization on that procedure.
    • 1*2 - Indicates both primary and secondary insurance require a pre-authorization on the procedure.
    • NO - Indicates neither insurance requires a pre-authorization on the procedure.

For in-depth understanding of strategies like these to improve your insurance billing processes and get paid faster, register for this workshop today!

See the course outline and find a workshop near you by going online:

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Author: Patty Reay, Supervisor, Training Events
Published: 02/13/2018
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