Is Your Hardware Ready for a Dentrix Upgrade?

Dentrix is a powerful, full-featured practice management software — but it’s only as good as the hardware it runs on. When you use outdated hardware in your practice, it can cause crashes and delays that bring headaches and can hurt your business.

Hardware or Software Problem?

Computer problems can be hard to diagnose — most often we attribute issues with the software and overlook the hardware, but there are some common signs of hardware failure you should look for. Do these sound familiar?

  • Windows system crashes (“blue screen of death”)
  • Computer won’t boot properly
  • Software applications crash
  • Delays when accessing files because they are corrupted
  • Computer performance and speed are running slower

Although Dentrix doesn’t require a lot of memory to run, when you have multiple applications running, your old hardware may not handle the load, making the software frustratingly slow. Along with the headaches old computers can cause, they may also be keeping you from profiting from helpful new features in the latest Dentrix release.

The Importance of Current Software

When you bought that computer, its operating system (OS) was working great, but over time it’s been slowed down by every new program and patch. This is why many organizations replace their computers every three years. One of the best ways to keep everything running smoothly is a regular fresh start.

If your old OS or applications aren’t supported anymore, you can’t properly protect yourself against new cyber threats. Outdated data security could lead to a breach, which could compromise your patients’ security and even lead to large fines and lost revenue. Those consequences aren’t worth trying to squeeze a few more dollars from an old system.

Your Hardware Could Be Vulnerable

The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities have been in the headlines lately. These bugs could impact you, since they involve most processors made and sold from the ‘90s into the first part of 2016. While there are patches rolling out to address security issues, they may cause your processor to run significantly slower.

Don’t Be Limited by Your Hardware

Slowdowns are frustrating and costly in wasted time, but old hard drives can also fail altogether. One day you go to turn the computer or server on, and it won’t work. When a hard drive fails, it can result in devastating data loss, not to mention lost revenue. If you don’t have a comprehensive backup strategy, you increase your risk of losing vital data, including patient records, financial information and inventory files.

According to Microsoft, if your servers and workstations are from 2015 or older, you may experience slowness. If that’s the case, it’s our opinion that it’s time to contact TechCentral for a free technology assessment and update your hardware to decrease the likelihood of slowdowns and crashes. Plus, when Dentrix comes out with its next update later this year, you’ll be ready to benefit from the new features immediately.

Partner With an IT Expert

Your expertise lies in running a well-oiled practice and providing the best care to your patients. You shouldn’t have to be an IT tech too. TechCentral provides IT solutions specifically for dentists, with every product and service optimized for you. When you partner with TechCentral, you can think about your patients instead of your computer problems.

TechCentral brings together products from industry leaders like WatchGuard, HP and others. They custom load the OS for each practice, configure updates, remove bloatware and address hidden risks in the OS. No other IT company understands the dental market like TechCentral.

Don’t let outdated hardware destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Request a free network assessment at or call 855.310.7265 today.

Author: Donovan Gregg, Hardware Product Manager, Henry Schein TechCentral
Published: 02/13/2018
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