Tech Nightmares? Yes, They’re Out There…

There is very little more frustrating than computer problems you can’t explain and can’t fix. They can make you want to throw things! I hear it all the time from practices large and small and from coast to coast. But before you fling your stapler down the hall, know that there is good, knowledgeable help out there.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Dr. Michael Kanter and his staff at Lakewood Ranch Dental to talk to them about the measurable difference good and bad computer technology can have on an office. It was hard to believe that in such a beautifully designed practice, a technology “nightmare” (their words, not mine) once hindered productivity and frustrated their business.

The practice wanted to go digital to streamline processes, control costs and ultimately provide better patient care and in-office experiences. Henry Schein experts, armed with TechCentral integrated dental solutions, have helped deliver that vision. See how a well-planned upgrade to a reliable TechCentral network for Lakewood Ranch Dental keeps dentistry running smoothly. You can read more or watch the video, about Lakewood Ranch Dental’s computer network upgrade in the January 2013 TechCentral TechNote.

More than 7,000 practices rely on TechCentral for computer technology and support. A Henry Schein digital technology expert can visit your office, review your current technology and make hardware recommendations. Whether you are upgrading your current network or doing a major office remodel, a Henry Schein expert can help with business and computer technology solutions that fit your budget.

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Author: Jason Werner
Published: 07/31/2013
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