Tools to Make You More Profitable in 2014

You know the old adage, "That which is measured, improves." But knowing what to measure can have a huge impact on your dental practice – in production, patient health and profitability.

"Increasing profitability is more than just increasing your production," says Jason McKnight, Dentrix Profitability Coaching Manager. "You also have to improve collections, continuing care and other key areas of your practice."

McKnight has worked with Dentrix since 1998, as an office manager and as a trainer. He shares his experience and practical knowledge in a free Dentrix webinar about making your practice more profitable.

If you’re using Dentrix G4.8 or G5, you already have the measuring tools you need. Do you know what to measure, how to analyze the measurements, and how that data can improve your practice? You’ll find the answers in the "Top 3 Tools to Make Your Practice More Profitable in 2014" webinar.

The webinar discusses these proven profitability tools:

  1. Dentrix Practice Advisor: This report reviews your key performance indicators (KPIs) and compares them to a benchmark. If your practice is under-performing, it recommends action steps to help you improve.
  2. Dentrix Daily Huddle: This daily progress report focuses your team on the most important tasks to help achieve your monthly goals.
  3. Dentrix Profitability Coaching: This program allows you to work directly with an expert coach who understands best practices and has an in-depth knowledge of Dentrix. Together you can build a custom plan to make your practice more profitable.

"What you learn in this one-hour webinar can pay off dramatically in the coming year," McKnight says. "Plus, at the end of the webinar, you can take advantage of some bonus offers." Here’s a sample of what your practice can get from the webinar:

  • The Practice Advisor report compares your performance to your own history as well as to industry benchmarks.
  • The average practice saves 60 to 90 minutes a day by using the Daily Huddle report.
  • Of the 1,300 customers that have received Profitability Coaching, 100% of those surveyed say they would recommend the program to their colleagues.

To start the year on a profitable path, watch the free Dentrix webinar: "Top 3 Tools to Make Your Practice More Profitable in 2014". To get more information, visit:

Author: Jeremy Johnson, Dentrix Marketing Manager
Published: 12/31/2013

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