What is marketing

Before I answer the question of what marketing is, I want to write about perception. Every individual perceives the world differently. Our perceptions are formed through our experiences, what we read, and what we see. The way we perceive things largely determines the actions we take. This is also true with your patients, potential patients and the actions taken regarding your practice. A potential patient will only become an actual patient if their perception of your practice justifies that action.

So how do I define marketing? Marketing is the attempt to control perception. If you can control perceptions, you can determine actions. The end result for you would be a new patient. Think of it this way, what if you personally could sit down with every potential patient for 30 minutes to extoll the virtues and benefits of your practice? Chances are, your passion and enthusiasm for your practice and understanding of its benefits, would shape their perception in a way that would lead to them converting into a patient. Well, your marketing tools should produce the same perceptions you would if you actually could spend time with each potential patient.

Keep in mind that the experiences that your patients have while at the practice form the perceptions that determine whether they come back to the practice again, and ultimately if they refer any friends or family members. This means that the process of marketing continues throughout the patient experience and not just in the pre-purchase phases.

When you understand this concept, it is easy to see why consistent marketing efforts are so important. To create a marketing plan that forms the right perceptions of your practice, or learn more, call Dental Branding and speak to one of our consultants at 1-866-375-5511, or visit: www.dentalbranding.com

Author: Doug Sligting
Published: 07/17/2009
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