Lab Case Management Reimagined

Partnering with Your Lab

The dental lab bill is the second largest expense for most practices. The quality of the work received from a lab—the shade, the fit, etc.—has a significant impact on a patient’s satisfaction. The reliability of the lab’s case return dates affects patient scheduling and profitability of the business. The dental lab truly is a key partner in the quest to provide high-quality dental healthcare, yet many practices are managing that partnership ineffectively.

Lab Case Management Reimagined

Dentrix has long been a leader in helping practices manage their lab work. The Dentrix Lab Case Manager has been a part of Dentrix for more than 10 years. And now, the new Dentrix G5.2 release includes DDX, a truly innovative solution for managing and communicating lab casework.

Key Features and Benefits

Here is an overview of key DDX features that help you manage your lab work more effectively:

  • An adaptive lab prescription that ensures the lab receives the necessary details like shade, stump shade, etc.
  • Integration with the Dentrix Document Center and DEXIS imaging software easy file transfer
  • Lab case creation from the Dentrix Chart, Appointment Book or Treatment Planner to fit your practice’s workflow
  • Automatic linking of the lab case to the patient’s future appointment for easy tracking of lab case status
  • Bi-directional case notes that are automatically and permanently associated with the lab case
  • Insertion of lab case summaries, in PDF format, into the patient’s Document Center record
  • Flexibility to manage casework with any lab

Connectivity That Integrates All of Digital Dentistry…and It’s Free

DDX also integrates with leading digital dental device brands, including Planmeca/E4D and 3Shape, so you can manage this lab casework along with all of your traditional lab work—it’s everything in one comprehensive system.

It’s Easy to Get Started with DDX

To learn more about how DDX can help you manage your lab work more efficiently, or to see the DDX/Dentrix integration in action, please call 877-244-9345 to schedule a web demo.

Author: Sandy Macdonald, Henry Schein, DDX Product Manager
Published: 02/28/2014
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