Help Shape Dentrix in an Evolving Industry

Help Shape Dentrix in an Evolving Industry

A recent report in Dental Economics held both good and bad news for the dental industry. While production and elective services are trending upward, profits are flat, collections are down and, on average, dentists are working more.1 Dr. Roger P. Levin says, "The long-term outlook for dental practices has become much brighter, but only for those that change the way they do business."

In addition to these findings, the ADA reported that "the coming years will bring considerable change to the dental profession, significant challenges, but also some new opportunities," adding that "it is a critical moment for dentistry and a time for the profession to define its destiny."2

With an evolving industry and even more changes on the horizon, it’s clear that we at Henry Schein need to work closer with dental professionals in the field to chart a course for the future.

The Dentrix team already uses various methods to stay connected with you and the needs of your practice, including office visits, trade shows, Customer Support and our enhancement center at However, we feel that given the climate of change, it is time to do even more. Our Dentrix team is soliciting your help to create a Dentrix Advisory Committee. Those who choose to participate as a member of the committee will be asked to do the following:

  • Fill out occasional surveys
  • Participate in focus groups (using remote meeting software such as GoToMeeting or In-Person)
  • Review product ideas and mockups
  • Provide usability testing on new features and ideas

We need representation on the advisory committee from each of the following roles in the dental community:

  • Providers
  • Assistants
  • Hygienists
  • Office managers
  • Billing coordinators
  • Scheduling coordinators
  • Receptionists
  • Hardware technicians
  • Accoutants

In time, we will also be forming a smaller group of individuals that we are calling the Dentrix Product Management Advisory Board. This group will work closely with the product management team to take the ideas from the various sources (advisory committee, myvoice, office visits and so forth) and assist in driving the future of Dentrix.

If you are interested in being part of the Dentrix Advisory Committee, please visit to register. After the initial registration closes, we will select a balanced group of about 200 individuals that reflects a diversity of office roles and geographical regions. We are very excited to offer this additional touch point to our customers as we continue to blaze a path through the ever-changing dental industry landscape.


Author: Brad Royer, Dentrix Product Manager
Published: 03/31/2014
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