Automated Reminders Might Be Falling Short

If you’re like most Dentrix practices, you’ve automated your email and text message reminder to more efficiently and effectively communicate with your patients. This was a great move on your part as patients have grown to prefer these types of communications over a phone call. Your team’s productivity has likely benefited as well.

However, many offices making this transition fail to recognize the gap that exists between patients that have email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers in the system and those that don’t. Consequently, the system is only able to automate the process for those patients with the necessary contact information on file. And you’re only partially benefitting from the automated process. Keep in mind, the primary benefits of automating communication are to keep the chairs full and improve front office productivity.

A recent research project revealed that, on average, Dentrix customers do not have email addresses or mobile phone numbers for 62% of their patients. They are only able to communicate electronically with 29% of their patients — only 6% using both email and text message.

While every practice should be collecting email addresses and mobile phone numbers for their patients of record, the benefits of automating reminders need not be forfeited in the meantime. Automated postcards are an effective way to bridging this gap. Dentrix eCentral automatically sends postcard reminders, allowing you to communication with all the patients for which you have a mailing address on file. We found that to be 97% on average.

In addition to reaching the other 62%, Dentrix eCentral’s postcard reminders have other benefits. Many practices choose to automate reminders as a way to drive appointment confirmation directly into the appointment book. eCentral’s postcards have this ability as well. Patients can scan the QR code on the back of the postcard using a smartphone and click a button to confirm the appointment. The confirmation is automatically updated in Dentrix.

There are a variety of postcard templates that can be selected in seconds with no regard for current inventory on hand. That allows your office to change the theme in conjunction with seasons, holidays or on a simple whim. The postcard templates have a matching email counterpart for added consistency in the communications received by your patients.

Here are the simple instructions for changing a postcard template in eCentral.

  1. From any of the primary Dentrix modules, click the DxWeb button.

  2. From the DXWeb toolbar, click the Communications Manager button to open eCentral.

  3. In eCentral, mouse over the Communications tab menu, and click Email/Postcard Campaigns.
  4. Select Continuing Care Due or Continuing Care Reminders, depending on the type of campaign you wish to modify.
  5. Click Edit to modify the individual campaign.
  6. Select Postcard as the delivery method and click Next to continue.
  7. Select a Category of postcard templates to choose from, and select an individual template by clicking on an image. For example, select Seasons and see a variety of options, including a template for Summer selected below.

  8. Review your postcard selection and click Save. Repeat these steps as needed for other correspondence types.

If you’re not currently using eCentral postcard reminders, there are several resources available to help you get started and automate communication with your entire patient base (or at least 97%). You can schedule a free coaching call by calling 1-800-Dentrix, option 3 then option 4.

If you’re not enrolled for eCentral, you can learn more by clicking here or by calling 800-734-5561, option 2 and speaking with an Account Executive. Be sure to ask about bundling eCentral with your Dentrix Customer Service Plan.

Author: Damon Graves, eServices Product Marketing Manager
Published: 05/31/2014
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