New Payor Connections Added in June

Electronic claims: Dentrix now has an eClaim connection with the following payors. If any of your patients are using these carriers, you can reduce paper claims and submit claims through Dentrix instead.
Payor ID Payor Name
BRIDG BridgeSpan Health (Regence Group)
TLU53 Combined Insurance (FL)
DRAD1 DR Administrative Services (primary claims ONLY)
CXARC ARC Administrators
CXALC AllCare CCO Dental
CXFMC FamilyCare CCO
CXPSC PacificSource Community Solutions
CXWVC Willamette Valley
CXHSC Health Share CCO
42141 CTI Administrators
35605 Everence

Electronic attachments: Reduce the need to duplicate radiographs, photos and other supporting documents by attaching digital files to claims sent to the following payors.
Payor ID Payor Name
FCABD FEP Blue Dental
CDIAM Delta Dental of IA—Wellness Plan
ARGUS Argus—Platinum Plan
ARGUS Argus—Heritage Plan
ARGUS Argus—Master Plan 100
ARGUS Argus—Master Plan 200
ARGUS Argus—Master Plan 500
ARGUS Argus—Patriot Plan 100
ARGUS Argus—Child Medicaid
ARGUS Argus—Adult Medicaid
CX092 Security Life Insurance of America
FX136 CareFirst BlueChoice—DC>/td>
DDA10 Direct Dental Administrators
TLU44 Blue Shield of California
CMS01 Claims Management Services—WI

Electronic Explanation of Benefits: You can now receive electronic explanations of benefits (eEOB/ERA) from the following payors.
Payor ID Payor Name
37284 TransChoice Key Benefit Administrators
33628 Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care

View the entire list of electronic payor connections using the Payor Search Tool. You can search for specific payors or download the complete payor list.

Call 800-734-5561 to enroll for eClaims or for help setting up any of these services.

Author: Damon Graves, Product Marketing Manager
Published: 07/31/2014
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