What’s New - PowerPay 5.0.2

PowerPay, the integrated credit card processing software that lets you secure payment consents while patients are still in the office, has been updated to provide new compatibility.

Windows 8
Until now, customers moving to Windows 8 were limited to PowerPay LE for their integrated payment processing. PowerPay 5.0.2 changes that by providing Windows 8 users with the full version of PowerPay. Now offices using Windows 8 can collect after-insurance and recurring payment consents, process pin-based debit transactions (when combined with the appropriate hardware) and close out the month using robust transaction reporting.

PowerPay is the final remaining eService to reach compatibility with Windows 8.

SecureKey™ M130 Card Swipe
Another benefit of PowerPay 5.0.2 is the integration with the SecureKey™ M130 magstripe reader.

The SecureKey M130 is equipped with a magstripe reader and keypad so card payments can be processed with a swipe or by manually entering the card number.

In addition to the SecureKey™ M130 card swipe reader, PowerPay is now integrated with the Ingenico ISC250. The ISC250 allows PowerPay customers to process pin-based debit card transactions and collect electronic signatures.

Getting PowerPay 5.0.2
PowerPay 5.0.2 is available through a download by contacting eServices Support at 800-734-5561, option 1. PowerPay and the encrypted magstripe reader can be purchased by calling the same phone number and selecting option 2 to reach the eServices Account Executive team. More information on PowerPay is available at www.Dentrix.com/PowerPay.

Author: Damon Graves, eServices Product Marketing Manager
Published: 09/05/2014
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