Electronic Patient Forms Sent in Real-Time!

The latest version of eSync sends completed patient forms immediately to your front office for update in your DENTRIX G4 software. But what is eSync and how do practices get it?

What is eSync?
eSync is a program that facilitates the real-time transfer of information from your eServices software to your DENTRIX software to improve efficiency and automation in front office tasks. The immediate transfer of information eliminates the need to perform a manual or timed websync to complete the retrieval process.

Importing Patient Forms
The eCentral Web Site Manager allows your patients to complete forms online from home or an in-office kiosk. When used in conjunction with the latest eSync update, the eCentral Web Site Manager facilitates a streamlined process for receiving and inputting patient information.

By utilizing electronic forms, your practice can eliminate time-consuming manual entry and the possibility of key-punch errors. DENTRIX immediately notifies you when a completed form arrives. Your staff can review the content and import the data directly into your patient files with just a click of a button. Managing patient forms is now fast and convenient!

Get Started
Improve your front office efficiency today by downloading eSync from the eCentral Web Page or by logging onto the eCentral customer interface. DENTRIX G4 is required. You may also need to download the .NET 3.5 framework from Microsoft. Begin the eSync installation process for an analysis of your system and instructions for upgrading.

There's More
eSync does more than just transfer completed questionnaires. Learn how eSync helps QuickBill customers keep patient addresses up-to-date.

Published: 07/21/2009
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