DDX Improves Practice Profitability and Patient Care

The relationship between dental practices and their dental labs represents an important partnership in the delivery of quality patient care. However, sometimes issues arise that result in practices switching from one lab to another. In survey after survey, there are remarkable consistencies along the major issues that cause practices to change lab relationships. Henry Schein's DDX technology has been designed to eliminate the top 4 practice/lab pain points:

Issue DDX Solution
Inconsistent quality DDX provides the doctor with a case return date that is based off of the lab's current production capacity and therefore reduces quality fluctuation
Poor relationship/communications DDX is a web-based communication tool designed to enhance communication between practices and their labs
Delayed turnaround time/late cases DDX case return dates are based off of lab's current product capacity, not a set production period, and are much more reliable
RX not being read thoroughly and followed DDX RX is electronic/typed, not handwritten, and therefore legible. DDX RX also features force field entry to provide lab with basic case details

The adoption of DDX is an extremely cost effective way for practices and labs to tackle issues that often erode business relationships, reduce profitability for both parties and reduce the quality of patient care. For more information about DDX contact Sandy Macdonald at 801-847-4625 or email sandy.macdonald@hennryschein.com. You may also visit www.ddxdental.com for additional information or to access a list of DDX Enabled dental labs.

Published: 08/13/2009
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