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It's probably no surprise for you to hear that patients are now 3 times more likely to use the Internet to find a new dentist than they are to ask a friend or family member. What probably is a surprise to hear is that 83% of them are not satisfied with having to jump from Web site-to-Web site to find a dentist that offers the specific services and strengths they are looking for.

Today's patients expect to quickly and easily know which local dentists are the best for them - and why. A recent study by the Opinion Research Corporation exposed several very important facts about how today's patients want to find a new dentist online and why dentists need to be participating in services that highlight their specific services and strengths:

  • 83% of patients want a one-stop resource to quickly see all local dentists and their services and strengths
  • These same 83% will even switch dentists if they learn more favorable information about another
  • 91% of patients want to know which local dentists utilize advanced technologies for the service they need
  • 56% of patients will pay more to go to a dentist that they know offers superior services and strengths
  • 18% higher patient retention is enjoyed by dentists who's patients know they compare favorably to their peers

If you already have a practice Web site, you're off to a good start. However, you need to make sure your practice being found by patients that are looking for your specific services and strengths-Google SEO alone is no longer enough.

There is an answer. PatientFYI is an innovative new way for patients to find a dentist. Patients can search for a dentist in an area and then narrow the search based on several criteria, allowing patients to find dentists that best meet their individual needs.

Currently, WebMD's 54 million monthly visitors can search for a dentist using PatientFYI from the WebMD Web site. Every day 20,000 patients search from Google and Yahoo for a dentist using PatientFYI.

It's time for your practice to be listed.

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Author: Jason Szczuka, President of PatientFYI
Published: 08/10/2009
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